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Filters, foods and organic matter, as well as the detergents used to clean are the primary source of odors in the laundry cleaning industry. No longer do they need to be an issue for workers and customers. They can easily be controlled using Dc500™, a revolution in odor solutions for the laundry industry. Dc500™ can control odors, digest grease, and prevent corrosion through a natural fermentation process called EM Technology®. During the fermentation process natural metabolites are produced by NON-GMO, food grade microbes. These good microbes can suppress the growth of odor-causing bacteria, digest grease and improve the performance of detergents in cleaning. Some of these metabolites include vitamins, amino acids, organic acids and enzymes.

Odors come from organic compounds that usually are beginning to rot. Lactic acid bacteria can slow or stop the growth of harmful putrefactive microorganisms. Some of the weak acids produced during fermentation also possess some antimicrobial activity under conditions of low oxidation-reduction potential. Dc500™ an acidic solution with bio-available organic acids and amino acids etc. Thus ammonia and trimethylamine in alkaline compounds are neutralized by organic acids like lactic acid:


Many detergents are a source of odors as well as organic matter. Regardless of the source of odor, Dc500™ can get rid of it through regular use.

Compatibility with other detergents: It is not advised to mix or combine Dc500™ with other detergents for long periods of time.

Grease from foods contains lots of acids, proteins, and fats that feed odor producing bacteria. Enzymes are traditionally used to break up grease. However, once the breaking occurs, bacteria will begin to digest it and produce byproducts such as foul odors. The active microbes in Dc500™ will out-compete the odor producing bacteria trapped in the laundry and start to suppress their growth. At the same time it will also begin controlling foul odors.

Dc500™ is non-corrossive, is safe on the skin and completely non-toxic. There are no safety procedures required when using it. However, since it can rot when exposed to oxygen for a long period of time, it is best to keep the container closed and store out of direct sunlight. One group of microbes in the product, yeast, will grow with exposure to air. These microbes are visible to the naked eye as white flakes floating on the surface. Their appearance does not mean the product has gone bad. Rather, foul odors from the product such as a slight sulfur smell and a pH above 4.0 are signs the product has spoiled.

Storage: Store in a closed container out of direct sunlight at 40ºF-100ºF. Do not freeze.

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